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You Don't Have to be in Medical Research to Support Our Mission

There are many ways you can help revolutionize cancer research and treatment from your home or in your community.


We Support Cancer Patients With More Than Just Streamlined Research

Whether you need educational resources or swift access to your closest cancer support and treatment centers, we’re here to support you.


Big Data is Revolutionizing Cancer Research and Treatment.

Clinical trial results take too long. We’re supporting the expansion of CAVATICA, a free research-sharing tool that enables doctors and scientists to rapidly share, search, and analyze patient data.

I Want To Help Revolutionize Cancer Research and Treatment

We believe collaboration is the key to curing cancer. Your donation will help us continue to fund streamlined data access and resources for researchers.

Our Story & How To Get Involved

Join Strength in Numbers

Unite with others who care about streamlining cancer research with a monthly contribution. Get insider perks including merchandise and exclusive content.

Become a Corporate Partner

Support medical researchers, cancer patients, and patient survivors in your community by partnering your organization with us.

Start a Fundraiser

Spread awareness and fund Dragon Master’s mission with your friends, family, and peers.

Upcoming Events

Get the scoop on our upcoming events and find out how you can get involved.

5th Annual Dragon Derby

The 5th Annual Dragon Derby, presented by the Law Offices of Slape & Howard, will…
July 10, 2024 Read More

Disneyland Halloween Half Marathon Weekend

Join Dragon Master Initiative’s Team Fired Up to run the 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or…
February 27, 2024 Read More

Disney® Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

Wine, dine, run, and fundraise for cancer research and treatment. Race distances include 5k, 10k,…
January 2, 2023 Read More

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2025

Join Team Fired Up and run with us in Orlando, FL. You’ll have a blast…
January 4, 2022 Read More

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Unleash your inner royalty and be a hero for kids with cancer. Race distances include…
October 16, 2021 Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name “Dragon Master” come from?

From the beginning, we knew that the mission of the nonprofit was going to be bigger than what our family could achieve on our own. We wanted to name it something that could honor David, the heart behind our initiative, in some way, but it needed to be something that other people could identify with also. David loved dragons from the time he was tiny, so that was a symbol that both honored him and gave the imagery of a beast we could tame. We hoped that it would resonate with other people. We also thought that it could be defined in different ways as the data led us in different directions. We were very intrigued by the thought that by collecting large-scale data, we might be able to help more than just brain cancer patients, and indeed, that has been what has happened.

What is CAVATICA and what is your role in supporting it?

The CAVATICA platform is a free, open-access research-sharing tool that enables doctors and scientists to easily share, search, and analyze large collections of patient genomic data. The Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) is a network of hospitals and other research institutions that have committed to sharing their data via CAVATICA. We’re looking to support the development and expansion of CAVATICA in our partnership with the CBTN. One of the most exciting things about this data sharing effort is that though there is a membership component to those who are inputting the data, the collected data is then available to researchers worldwide, with no consortium membership necessary. That ensures that the data is the highest possible quality, but also makes sure it has the widest possible usage.

Why is quick, streamlined data sharing so critical to medical professionals?

Medical research and treatment discovery can take years due to the current processes that medical professionals and researchers follow. By providing a free, open-access research tool that doctors and scientists can utilize simultaneously, time is cut dramatically in these processes. Having data in interactive platforms like CAVATICA and pedsCBioPortal means that doctors have access to more information about pediatric brain cancer. This allows medical researchers to modify their experiments and trials in real-time, accelerating the discovery of a cure for brain cancer, and potentially many other cancer types.

How can I support the Dragon Master Initiative?

There are multiple ways you can support the Dragon Master Initiative as an individual and as a company! Find out how you can get involved here and learn more about monetary contributions here. We also offer ways to partner with the Dragon Master Initiative on a corporate level through events and donations. Get more information, here.

Stay Informed With Dragon Master

Read the latest updates on our impact, patient memorials, and
the latest updates in brain cancer research and treatment.


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