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There are Many Ways to Contribute to the Dragon Master Initiative.

Whether you’d like to provide monthly contributions to our mission, purchase merchandise, shop for supplies on our behalf, or give in-kind donations, there are a multitude of ways to support our cause!

If Cancer Has Touched Your Life, You’ve Found Your Tribe. There Is Strength In Numbers.

At its core, the Dragon Master Initiative seeks unity. Uniting medical professionals with research and medical data from researchers across the globe will help find cures quicker for patients, but that isn’t possible without our community’s support. Our worldwide community’s support is also critical to unite patients and their families with resources and funding for their journey with cancer.

Founder and President Amanda Haddock’s son, David, was inspired by the word “Strength”. He used this word on his bike helmet as a little 5th grader when he completed a bike trip across the state of California. Now this term embodies the idea that families facing cancer and other rare diseases are not alone.

Strength in Numbers is a community for people just like you – people who have great compassion for cancer patients and their families; people who care about data and how it’s being used (or not used); people who believe there will be cures in our lifetimes if we work together.

You can join our Strength in Numbers by investing monthly in the future of children battling cancer. Your monthly gift will give a family financial assistance so that they can focus on spending time with their child. Your donation will also empower a researcher to share his or her data and accelerate the search for a cure. Your donation will mean that Dragon Master Initiative can be in the room when important decisions are being debated about a patient’s journey and how quickly we can move from science to care.

We believe that there will be cures for these rare cancer patients in our lifetimes. For that to happen, we need to revolutionize the current approach to big data and precision medicine. We want to celebrate progression in this journey with you every step of the way.

By joining Strength in Numbers, you get perks like:

  • Cool swag you can’t get anywhere else
  • Exclusive updates on what your gift is doing and what’s happening with the Dragon Master Initiative
  • Access to our community of supporters (cancer survivors, patients, parents, medical researchers, and data nerds) via our Facebook group

Every Contribution Towards Our Mission Counts

  • Gift Cards, preferably to regional or national chains. We give these to cancer patients and families to help with their needs, such as food costs.Gift cards can also be included in auction baskets.
  • Airline Miles or Hotel Points to assist families traveling for treatment. Please contact us for the best way to utilize these in-kind donations.
  • New, unused toys or other recreational items for kids that we can mail in care packages to children with cancer. In the past, we’ve sent coloring supplies, pajamas, puzzles, and small toys and games.
  • Artwork that can be auctioned at in-person or online auctions
  • Auction Packages for fundraising events. If you represent a business and would like to donate goods, services, or an experience to be auctioned off to fundraise, we’d love to hear from you!

This is not an exhaustive list of what we accept as in-kind contributions. If you have an idea that’s not listed here, or have questions regarding in-kind gifts, please reach out.


You Can Help Revolutionize Cancer Research And Treatment By Shopping Online

Did you know you can earn funding for the Dragon Master Initiative at little or no cost to you? Several platforms allow you to shop (or sell) and donate a percentage to cancer research.

eBay lets you donate a percentage of the items you sell – and gives that item a special badge showing it will benefit charity!

Start here and then shop at hundreds of websites and iGive will donate a percentage of your purchase back to Dragon Master.

Kroger Community Rewards
Sign up at any Kroger or Dillon’s family grocery store and a percentage of your purchase will automatically go to Dragon Master.

You can get started at the links above. Reach out to us here if you have any questions about our Raise Right Program.

Sport our merchandise to support our cause

You can purchase merch to help fund streamlined cancer research, treatment, and patient support! See our available items at the link below. All proceeds raised benefit our cause directly.


Your Company Can Support Our Initiative And Revolutionize Cancer Research

Whether it be hosting an event that benefits our cause, making in-kind donations, encouraging your team to donate to our cause, or through volunteer days, there are a multitude of ways your company can support the Dragon Master Initiative.

As a company, you can support our initiative by…

  • Hosting a dress-down day at your office and have everyone pay a fee to participate that is then donated
  • Have a chili cookoff and let people buy a bowl or vote with money for their favorite
  • Set up a snack bar and sell snacks to benefit our cause
  • Facilitate a donation drive that collects items for kids with cancer (see in-kind donation suggestions for item suggestions)
  • Gather employees to volunteer at an event
  • Host a pajama drive to send to kids with cancer

Ready to get your organization involved with Dragon Master? Get in touch with our team to get started.